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2 - Seit der @FCBayern am 10. Spieltag die Tabellenspitze eroberte, blieb der jeweilige Tabellenzweite sieglos (5 R…… 20 hours ago

2 - No team who started the matchday in second place has won a #Bundesliga game since @FCBayernEN went top after MD…… 20 hours ago

87 - Kein anderer Spieler sah in der #Bundesliga so viele Gelbe Karten (87) im Trikot des @HSV wie Bernd…… 23 hours ago

87 - Bernd #Hollerbach is the player with most yellow cards (87) for @HSV_English in the #Bundesliga. Fighter. 23 hours ago

3 - @yoshimuto18 (@1FSVMainz05) ist mit seinem 3. Doppelpack in der #Bundesliga Opta Spieler des 19. Spieltags. Tor…… 22 Jan

3 - @yoshimuto18 (@Mainz05en) is Opta player of the 19th matchday with his 3rd brace in the #Bundesliga. Scorer.…… 22 Jan

9 - @AngeliqueKerber gewann alle 9 Spiele im Jahr 2018 - nur im April 2015 hatte Kerber auf der @WTA Tour eine läng…… 22 Jan

9 - @AngeliqueKerber has won all of her 9 matches in 2018, her second longest winning streak on the @WTA Tour after…… 22 Jan

16 - Noch nie hatte der Tabellenführer nach dem 19. Spieltag in der #Bundesliga 16 Punkte Vorsprung auf den Zweiten…… 21 Jan

16 - @FCBayernEN / @FCBayernUS are the first team to lead the #Bundesliga by 16 points after matchday 19. Record. 21 Jan

Aktuelle Vakanzen

Senior Design Engineer – Systems Engineering

Gehalt: £82,500

Veröffentlichungsdatum: 11 Mai 2015

Verfallsdatum: 11 Mai 2015

Lage: Feltham - London


Key Selection Criteria / Past Experience Required:

• Deploying and overseeing on-going operation of Infrastructure services and solutions
• Deploying and configuring server infrastructure via configuration management tools and associated toolkits.
• Leveraging Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) methodologies to implement build and deployment pipelines.
• Delivering robust, scalable, open, secure, reliable and high performance solutions.
• Working as part of an agile delivery team in the fulfillment of project requirements.
• Presiding over the availability, infrastructure, business and application monitoring aspects of deployed solutions.
• Collaborating with development teams regarding the configuration and deployment of applications.
• Embracing open standards in identifying ‘fit-for-purpose’ solutions.
• Engaging with third-party vendors in the provisioning of SaaS/IaaS/PaaS solutions.
• Working in adherence to strict security standards and engaging with development teams to ensure that developed solutions are also suitably secure.
• Experience of auto scaling concepts & a good understanding of both the benefits and limitations of auto scaling.
• In-depth knowledge of configuring and managing Linux platforms.
• General Unix services, such as DNS/BIND, Sendmail, ProFTP/SFTP, and Samba. Understanding of NFS a must.
• Good Scripting – ruby/perl/python.
• Strong understanding in networking, trouble shooting and principles.
• Experience in designing and deploying multi-tier server architectures for use with Service Orientated Architectures (SOA).
• Experience of configuration management tools such as Puppet/Ansible and associated technologies e.g. Ruby ERB, Rspec, python.
• Exposure to EMC/SAN Storage & Netapp.
• Xen Server Administration.
• Experience of working in an agile manner.
• Experience of using database technologies and knowledge of their high-availability/redundancy offerings e.g. MongoDB and Replica-Sets & Mysql & associated clustering options.
• Track record in designing and deploying systems and changes to platforms.
• Ability to architect infrastructure solutions that are scalable and modular.
• Hosted DNS Managed services – DNS architecture best practice.
• Administration of Tomcat/Java/J2EE/PHP applications.
• Apache & Nginx web server administration.
• Ability to work with peers and other departments to convert business requirements into technical solutions.

Awareness of the following would be advantageous:

• IAAS and hybrid cloud setup.
• Openstack.


Senior Design Engineer – Systems Engineering